I do considerable detail design and fabrication on the behalf of Washington Architect Jose Solis Betancourt.
Following is a selection of published projects designed by Solis and built in my shop.
Table:  Marble, teak, wrought iron.
Chair set:   Brass tubing and teak.
Chaise: Brass tubing and teak.
Captain's Chair:
Brass tubing and teak.
Pool House
Table:  Marble, wrought iron.
Lamp: Bronze, brass, glass.
Lamp Detail
Side Chair:
Brass tubing and teak.
Tennis Bench: Teak.
Wall Sconce: Brass, bronze, iron, glass.
Southern Accents Feb 1994
Ceiling Lamp Detail
Iron Table
Iron Table Detail
Breakfast Room Room
Sculpture Stand
The four matching sculpture stands in the breakfast room were specifically designed to display Greek Blackware Pottery.  The disc-shaped shelves contain a circline light bulb with a colored gel and a special optical grid which only allows the light to travel vertically from the top and bottom of the disc. This feature subtly lights the blackware with no side light escaping. The ceramics appear to be glowing with their own light.
Southern Accents Feb 1999
Washington Post Magazine October  1993
Architectural Digest  May 1995
     BRADLEY SANDERS                Published Work:
Tennis Bench Detail.